Sanding is the process of removing the old layers of finish, exposing the bare wood. Mostly used for re-finishing, but it is also needed when new wood is installed. With Morrison’s Custom Floors, sanding is always a part of our process.

When we are sanding to prepare for re-finishing, we always make sure that the wood is thick enough for sanding. The number of times the floor has been sanded, combined with the wood’s condition, can determine if the floor can be sanded again.

Most of our sanding is done for homeowners that was to restore beauty to their floor again without the cost of replacement. When you hire someone to do your sanding, always make sure you hire an expert. Amateurs can sometimes sand the floor too far, decreasing the lifespan of the wood. We know the proper way to sand, and we will do everything we can to protect your hardwood floor investment.


By sanding your floor, we are taking off the old stain and finish from the current floor. We sand the floor flat, taking off about 1/32″ of wood. We start with a drum or belt sander for the main areas of the floor, followed by a circular sander for the edges. After that, we sand the corners by hand, followed by a fine finishing sanding, which uses a buffer with a screen.

Our in-house sanding is 95% dust free. We ensure this by keeping our machines regularly maintained to keep dust at a minimum.

Don’t just trust anyone to sand your flooring. Call the experts at Morrison’s Custom Floors in Monterey, CA.

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