Hardwood Floor Finishing/Refinishing

When it comes to installing new hardwood floor or restoring your old hardwood to it’s former shine, Hardwood floor finishing is an extremely important step in the process.

Over time, hardwood flooring goes through wear and tear. When this happens, you don’t necessarily need to have a whole new floor installed. Finishing or Refinishing is a great alternative to a whole new installation.

When a floor is properly maintained, it can last a lifetime. The most important way to make this happen is ensuring that your finish is working as it should. Even if your floor is scratch-free, you still need to check that the finish is doing it’s job.

You can always test your finish by pouring a small amount of water onto your floor. If the water beads up and slides away easily, then your finish is working. If it begins to soak into the floor and darkens the wood, then it won’t be long before you need a new finish, so keep an eye on it. If the water immediately soaks into the wood, it’s time to give us a call for a re-finishing.

Laying hardwood takes a skilled professional, but finishing and re-finishing wood is even more difficult. It is definitely not a D.I.Y. project. Hardwood Floor finishing takes a lot of technique that can only come from experience.

If your home had hardwood flooring when you moved in, or if you had it installed years in the past, there’s a good chance that it was only given two coats of finish. In this case, it is possible that the original finish has worn through.

Hardwood Floor restoration

When you finish or re-finish a hardwood floor, you have to strip the old finish and sand the floor to prepare for re-finishing. Often times, the entire floor does not need to be re-finished. Areas of sunlight or high traffic are the most common areas to be re-finished.

No matter if we are installing your new hardwood, or you need maintenance for older wood, Morrison’s Custom Floors in Monterey, CA can take care of your entire hardwood floor finishing needs.

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